Serra Partners, an Amsterdam based financial services boutique.

Our services include Financial Advisory, Loan Monitoring and Risk Management Consultancy.
Serra’s client base consists of banks, private equity, family offices, institutional investors, corporate borrowers, government agencies and asset managers.
The principals of Serra have many years of experience in loans, corporate finance and debt capital markets across multiple industries and jurisdictions.

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Financial Advisory

Our services include strategic, capital structure and debt advisory

Serra provides clients with:

  • Comprehensive advise on funding need & funding alternatives
  • Structuring, negotiation and execution of complex (re)-financings and financial restructuring
  • First & second opinions for restructuring and financing
  • Placement of private capital (debt and/or equity)
  • Identifying investment opportunities

Our long term relationship driven approach ensures each client receives insightful advice, tailored to the best individual solutions.

We maintain long term relationships with the core Dutch banks, international banks and with selected alternative debt and equity providers in the London market.

For combined M&A and debt advisory mandates Serra will partner up with independent boutiques with solid reputations, track record and seamless execution capabilities.

Loan Monitoring

Serra provides loan monitoring services for corporate loans held by non-bank lenders

Serra monitors either a single loan exposure (minimum amount EUR 1mln) or a portfolio of loans (minimum amount EUR 25mln) and provides full management for the exposure:

  • Detailed quarterly credit reviews including valuations and internal ratings
  • Credit decisions remain with the lender
  • Management of performing as well as non-performing loans

In the case of non-performing loans, Serra will pro-actively seek to maximize recovery and current yield in consensual dialogues with the company, its shareholders and other creditors.

Risk Management Consultancy

Serra provides risk management services to institutional investors, asset managers and government agencies

  • Valuation and rating of performing and non-performing loans/portfolios
  • Design & implementation of impaired asset management procedures
  • Asset quality reviews
  • Credit committee roles
  • Impaired asset committee roles
  • Manager selection services


Tido van Wieringen

Prior to Serra Partners, Mr van Wieringen co-founded P4P Global in 2009, a firm that is active in special situations & debt investing.  Mr. van Wieringen started his career at ABN AMRO, where he worked from 1996 to 2008.

At ABN AMRO, he has held various positions in Amsterdam and New York in global debt capital markets, high yield, project finance, structured finance, aerospace finance, telecom finance, debt restructuring and debt investing.

Mr. van Wieringen holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam.



Mobile: + 31 6 5147 9754

Fixed line: + 31 20 644 7933

Yerel Ertekin

Mr. Ertekin is a co-founder of Serra Partners. Prior to Serra, Mr. Ertekin worked (2012-2014) for P4P Global, a firm that is active in special situations & debt investing. Mr. Ertekin started his career with ABN AMRO in 2005, where he has held positions in corporate finance, leveraged finance and the bank’s proprietary distressed debt investment team.

In 2008, he joined the restructuring department of RBS, where he was involved in a large number of (cross)-border financial restructurings throughout Europe.

Mr. Ertekin holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.



Mobile: + 31 6 51836388

Fixed line: + 31 20 644 7716